6 Ways Nonprofits Can Use Text Messaging in Their Annual Giving Campaign

annual giving signEvery nonprofit wants more bang for their buck. It means more money for doing good. Text messaging can help by boosting your annual giving campaign and generating better results.

When email falls to the spam filter and you’re lucky if a quarter of your list even opens the email, text messaging boasts a 98% open rate. That’s some needed muscle for your annual giving campaign.

1. Make a Plan

You have a plan for your annual giving campaign, right? Work text messaging into the plan. It can supplement what you’re doing and add another channel. It’s another outlet to broadcast your message, promote an event, recruit volunteers and more.

Don’t forget to tell stories and focus on what you’re accomplishing. Make that connection between a donor’s dollars and the good work you’re doing. That message should come through regardless of the channel you’re using. Get creative and work your story into text messages.

2. Communicate Often

Keep your donors engaged by communicating regularly. Your annual giving campaign can’t rely on a single message. Another way nonprofits can use text messaging is by sending updates, alerts, event information and more via text—and include stories to make it captivating.

3. Easy to Donate

Make it easy for donors to get to your donation page by giving them a keyword to text and get an automatic reply with a link to your giving page. These are people eager to donate and it gives you the opportunity to include empowering messages. Don’t just send them the link, include an encouraging message about how they’re helping to accomplish your mission.

4. Build Your Database

Don’t forget to use this opportunity to build your database of mobile subscribers. Include an invitation to subscribe in your marketing materials and build that list.

5. Timely Donations

Thanks to the near immediate response times, text messaging can be ideal for encouraging timely donations.

  • If your annual giving campaign has a goal or a deadline, texting updates and last-minute reminders can help create urgency.
  • Take advantage of focused days for giving, like Giving Tuesday. You’ve heard of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, right? Well now we’ve got a day focused on giving back. More than 15,000 nonprofits participated in 2014 and raised over $45 million.
  • 10% of annual giving happens on the last three days of the year. Sounds like a job for the immediate response rate of text messaging. Just don’t wait until the end of the year to integrate texting into your campaign!

6. Say Thanks

Remember to thank your donors. It’s an opportunity to build a relationship and increases the likelihood that they’ll give again. Plus, good manners.


Photo by Tim Green / CC BY 

Interested in learning how TextMarks can help your nonprofit organization use text messaging with your annual giving campaign? Call 800-696-1393, email tmsales@textmarks.com or text CALLME to 41411 (messaging and data rates may apply)  and a TextMarks rep will call you back!

Kevin D. Hendricks

Kevin D. Hendricks is an avid reader, a former yo-yo man and a freelance writer living in St. Paul, Minn.

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