Benefits of Using a Shared Short Code

Short codes are special telephone numbers to which you can send SMS text messages. Shared or common short codes are five to six digit numbers assigned by the Common Short Code Administration. Organizations can gshort code 41411et their own dedicated short code or opt to use a shared short code with their own custom keyword. TextMarks provides text messaging services using the short code 41411.

Here are a few reasons organizations should consider using shared short codes vs. dedicated short codes:

1. Shared short codes are cost effective.

Dedicated short codes could end up costing you in the thousands of dollars per quarter. Costs include vanity or random short code costs, setup fees, platform usage fees, message costs, and minimum spend requirements. Shared short codes are much more affordable, with costs often limited to message fees.

2. Shared short codes let your organization go mobile – today.

Shared short codes make it very fast and easy for businesses and nonprofit organizations to get up and running with their text message programs. Dedicated short codes can take several months to meet requirements and get approvals. TextMarks can often get you up and running within a day or two.

3. Shared short codes allow you to be flexible.

With dedicated short codes, organizations must meet minimum commitments of several months. With shared codes, you can use it for one time seasonal events or longer, depending on your needs. TextMarks, for instance, has monthly subscription plans, with no long term commitments.

4. Shared short codes don’t require technical resources to get started.

Even “non-techies” can sign up, set up a program and launch their text messaging campaigns using a shared short code. TextMarks, for instance, makes it easy to create a keyword and start broadcasting mass text messages to subscribers. Dedicated short codes may require more technical resources than your organization has available.

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Melani Deyto

TextMarks is a simple and reliable SMS text messaging service that allows you to build your business or engage your community through group text communications, SMS auto-responders and mobile marketing solutions. Melani Deyto is a staff writer for TextMarks.

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