Custom Subscription Messages (New)

TextMarks Pro Service clients now have even more power and control over the end-user experience.

The “Reply Y to confirm subscription” messages sent to new users can now be customized to include the name of your service, a brief description, or even a clickable link specific to each user!

To use this new functionality:

  1. You must subscribe to TextMarks Pro Service.
  2. Make an API call to Messaging.subscribe() using the new “desc” parameter.

Based on the feedback we’ve been receiving, this will be a welcome addition that should allow clients to provide fully customized experiences for their end users, all with very little work on their part thanks to TextMarks’ powerful API and platform.

Troubleshooting Tip:  If you’re an active Pro Service client trying to get this to work but aren’t receiving any text messages, you may be experiencing our SPAM filter (you’ll thank us later).  One way to clear your phone# to receive more subscription confirmation messages is to type your phone# into a widget for a different TextMark (such as those in our “Widgets” tab).

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