How Nonprofit Fundraising Can Benefit From Text Messaging

OK, nonprofits, it’s about the bottom line. Any new channel needs to help increase donations. That’s fair. No sense wasting time on a medium that isn’t going to pay the bills. Texting can do its fair share, and then some.text donation giving

There are two ways to bring in the money with texting. We’ve explained the differences between text-to-donate and text donation links before. We covered some of the lesser-known drawbacks to text-to-donate. Now let’s talk about some of the advantages of text donation links for nonprofit fundraising.

How Text Donation Links Work

First, a quick reminder about how it works:

  1. Text a custom keyword to a special short code number (for example “Text CAUSE to 41411” to see a demo of how texting to a short code works. Messages and data rates may apply.)
  2. You’ll get a text back with a link sending you to a mobile-friendly website to donate.
  3. You complete your donation on the mobile site using your credit card info.

How to Increase Nonprofit Fundraising

So here’s how you can put the advantages of texting to work for your nonprofit:

  • Pros of texting – First and foremost, you get all the benefits of texting: 98% open rate, 90-second average response time and more.
  • Giving amounts – Text donation links allow you to use your regular online donation form, which means you can give suggested giving amounts. That’s a great way to encourage larger gifts.
  • Repeats – That online donation form also has the option for recurring giving. Turning a single donation into a gift that keeps on giving is a huge win.
  • Connection – When you push people to your site to make a donation, there’s a greater opportunity to develop a deeper connection. You can push people to your other channels—social media, email newsletter, etc. You can pull supporters deeper into your nonprofit and that’s going to lead to increasing support.
  • Stories – While people are on your site there’s also the chance to tell more stories about the good you do. You can engage supporters by showing how their donation is making the world a better place. It’s a great way to say thank you and that’s just going to encourage more giving.
  • Quick – When people don’t have time to engage on a deeper level, that’s OK because text donation links are quick. Texting gives people that prod to donate, they can do it quickly and get back to what they were doing. That’s a lot better than getting a reminder, deciding to do it later and never remembering.
  • Ask – A lot of people will donate if you simply ask. Especially your fans. They already like what you do. They’re on board. You just need to make the ask. Include donation requests with your regular text updates.
  • Say thanks – A little gratitude goes a long way. Be sure you say thank you to your donors. They’ll remember and they’ll come back.


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Kevin D. Hendricks

Kevin D. Hendricks is an avid reader, a former yo-yo man and a freelance writer living in St. Paul, Minn.

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