Pro Service – Ad-free Text Messaging

TextMarks is pleased to announce a new service for professional users to remove the ads from text messages sent through our service!

The TextMarks service has been free to use since we launched. Of course wireless carriers charge for SMS, but TextMarks has never charged users for using our service. We’ve been able to offer this free service by including small unobtrusive ads in the footers of most messages. We don’t send unsolicited ads and don’t plan to.

With our new Pro Service, not only are the ads removed, but you get to use the space they took up. Pro Service messages can be up to 160 chars (as opposed to 120 for messages with ads). Along with the Pro Service are other goodies like reserved keywords and more.

This new TextMarks Pro Service is a subscription plan with many affordable price points (starting at $9.95/mo) to match your messaging volume needs. Take a look at our Pro Service Subscription Plans.

We’re not taking away our free service, and we encourage you to use it if it’s appropriate for your needs, or to prototype an application prior to subscribing to the Pro Service. But we have heard lots of feedback from our user community asking how to get rid of the ads especially in some of these cases where they were deemed inappropriate:

  • Professional applications desiring a white-label service for their SMS components.
  • Religious text messaging services (broadcasting alerts to church groups, Jewish holiday announcements and candle lighting times, etc.)
  • Youth-oriented text messaging services (class updates, schools, camps, etc.)
  • Political text messaging services.

We listened, and we hope that this new service meets your needs. Feedback is welcome.



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