Raising Funds for Hurricane Irma Relief Using Text Donation Links


text donation links to hurricane irma relief fund

Photo by NASA Goddard Space Center/ Flickr Creative Commons


Relief efforts are underway as much of the Caribbean Islands and Florida begin to deal with the aftermath of Hurricane Irma.

Hundreds of organizations have begun raising funds to help with relief efforts, and many are doing so on Crowdrise, a fundraising platform dedicated to charitable giving.

Crowdrise has set up its own fundraising page for those affected by Hurricane Irma. Donations go to the American Red Cross. To make it easier for people to donate from their mobile phones, they have set up a text message call-to-action that will allow potential donors to automatically receive a  link to their page when they text in.

To donate, text THUNDER to 41411 and get a link to Crowdrise’s fundraising page for Hurricane Irma relief. 




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