Providing Full-Service Holiday Marketing Through SMS

We’re at the time of year where mobile marketing efforts are at peak activity. Every shop, boutique, restaurant, and bar with group SMS capabilities is sending coupon codes and special offers. And while sending out coupons and offers is a great use of group SMS marketing, it’s important not to get tunnel vision. Group SMS presents a number of different ways you can keep in touch with your customers this holiday season.

An SMS marketing message that doesn’t immediately try to get them to part with their money will come as a welcomed surprise to your customers. And considering the hectic nature of the holiday season, these opt-in SMS group recipients will need a lot of assistance before they ever walk through your doors. Here are a few seasonal SMS ideas that should ingratiate your customers to your brand.

  • Parking – If your shop is located in a congested city or downtown area, parking may be crucial for some customers. Lend a helping hand this season by sending group SMS alerts of metered and free parking areas around your store. Should regular parking areas be closed for snow plowing or other activity, let customers know that as well. It’s a small gesture, but a meaningful one.
  • Weather – Yes, there are hundreds of weather applications that offer every type of forecast imaginable. But a 160-character text message describing whether it is an ideal or less-than-ideal shopping day in your area is simple to read and easier to act on. And weather alerts sent by a shop or restaurant tell customers, “We know you can get this information anywhere, but we have your back.”
  • Santa Alerts – Santa Claus isn’t just for the big malls and major retail chains. Book a Santa (or let one of your more enthusiastic employees play Santa) and let your customers know about the event ahead of time. Follow up after your Santa event with text alerts (i.e. “10 Days until Christmas and Santa’s elves are working on your presents right now!”) that parents can show their children for the complete holiday SMS experience.
  • Season’s Greetings – When in doubt, a nice message of joy and goodwill is always welcome this time of year. Here is a resource for great SMS-ready quotes, poems, and general good thoughts that’ll warm the heart of any shopping-weary Grinch.

A few SMS messages spent not directly trying to spur shopping will eventually pay off in the form of your brand staying at the top of customers’ minds. They’re fun to receive and will set your company apartment from the hundreds right now focused solely on their own coupons and discounts. Try it this December and you’ll be surprised at how much appreciation you will receive for the simple dose of SMS thoughtfulness.

Eric Duncan

Eric Duncan writes about Marketing for TextMarks--The industry leading SMS Marking & Communications platform.

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