3 Reasons Why SMS Belongs in Your Content Strategy

3 Reasons Why SMS Belongs in Your Content Strategy

Business text messaging belongs in your organization’s content strategy whether you’re trying to engage customers or employees. This article details the three primary reasons why text messaging is so important and effective.

#1 People Pay Attention to Text Messages

An effective content strategy relies on content being published, delivered, consumed, and acted on. This is where SMS text messaging really shines. Text messages are sent immediately and read almost as fast with 90% read within 3 seconds. No other communication channel can top this read rate. In fact, research by the global tech care company Asurion found that Americans check their phones a whopping 96 times per day. 

#2  Text Messaging is Equitable and Ubiquitous

An April 2021 Pew research Center study found that 97% of American adults own a mobile phone, but only 85% have a smartphone. This means text messaging service is ubiquitous for almost ALL American adults. Further, it’s a very important communication tool for those Americans who do not have smartphones, many of whom are elderly, disabled, low income, or people of color. Text messaging can help your organization not only communicate with everyone, but communicate equitably with people who do not have access to a smartphone or computer.

#3 Text Messaging is Versatile

Text messaging is easily integrated with other systems and applications, and it can be used for audience engagement in many ways. Here are a few examples:

  • Linking to more long form content.
  • Driving people to complete online surveys or reporting forms.
  • Pushing instructions, notifications, and reminders.
  • Running contests.

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