TextMarks Receives Award From CIOReview

TextMarks Receives Award by CIOReview

Recently, TextMarks was recognized by CIOReview in its Top 10 Most Promising Enterprise Communication Providers of 2020. The accolade is important because it highlights the role of TextMarks in leading the shift toward SMS-based outreach to drive internal communications, marketing, and lead generation.

TextMarks Enhances Organizational Effectiveness 

In this writeup by CIOReview, SMS text messaging is recognized as nearly ubiquitous in its ability to enhance all facets of an organization’s operations. SMS text messaging works well both inside and outside an organization’s walls, whether an organization is looking to better engage employees or customers.

The ongoing pandemic has underscored the effectiveness and efficiency of SMS-based internal communications, as many organizations rethink how and what they communicate to their employees, many of whom are now widely dispersed.

This utility goes well beyond the pandemic, however, as SMS text messaging has been shown as particularly effective when it comes to engaging Gen Z and millennials. These are age groups that research shows prefer to use text messaging compared to other means of communication. 

TextMarks Improves HR Efficiency

TextMarks has also taken the lead when it comes to helping organizations use text messaging to improve HR efficiency.

SMS texting is an efficient and effective way to facilitate open enrollments, shift management, training, safety alerts and much more. With text messaging, all of these initiatives can be performed with just the touch of a button.

Whereas emails take time to write, text messages can be written much more simply, which saves HR departments time and effort.

TextMarks Provides Strong Customer Service

TextMarks does not just provide a product, but rather provides a service with a live support team that offers real-time assistance to clients, each of whom are assigned a dedicated account manager who starts them off with a thorough onboarding process.

The TextMarks platform also provides a suite of tools and support to assist clients in navigating the challenges of regulatory compliance.

TextMarks is Reliable 

Supported by a robust API-based platform, TextMarks has an unparalleled up-time record, which gives customers peace of mind.  When a message is sent with TextMarks, it gets delivered. 

Founded in 2006, TextMarks takes pride in not just what it does for clients throughout the U.S., but how it provides these services.

TextMarks is honored to receive this award from CIOReview recognizing us as an industry leader, helping transit agencies, retail brands, enterprise businesses, and nonprofits increase engagement and deliver timely information to millions of people.

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