4 Reasons Why TextMarks is the Best SMS Platform

Our customers often tell us they’ve tried other texting platforms and think we are the best text messaging service out there. A recent client conversation prompted us to reflect on what people think is best about our SMS service and what we can improve upon. After sifting through our compliment archives, here’s what we found.

Amazing Customer Support for SMS

People frequently compliment our customer service, not only in direct interactions, but on ratings sites such as Capterra. We offer multiple support channels, including speaking to a live person over the phone – never a robot. Our hands-on onboarding sessions with new customers ensure their text messaging program is properly configured and ready to meet their organization’s particular needs. We’re always happy to help whether it’s tweaking a text messaging campaign to optimize results or assisting with text messaging promotional materials.

User-Friendly Text Message App

Another comment we frequently hear is that our software is easy to use. We’re proud of this! We also put forth considerable effort into making sure our text messaging app works equally well on both mobile and desktop while adhering to usability best practices. If for some reason a customer does need help using our intuitive text messaging dashboard to broadcast text alerts, our customer service team is happy to provide assistance. We’re also happy to provide team training sessions for companies texting for corporate communications across multiple departments for things like team notifications, workplace text bulletins, and interoffice news and updates. 

Consistent Reliable Texting Service

This is where our text messaging platform really shines. Our robust platform supports all the major carriers and our text messaging uptime is second to none. Here’s what one customer had to say about us.

We have been a customer for 2 years. The service is consistent and reliable. Only 1 hiccup in over 700 days of everyday use and they were quick to correct the issue for me. Extremely satisfied with the level of customer service I receive.

Affordably Priced Text Messaging

We know one size doesn’t all and that’s why we offer multiple plans at affordable rates. This means organizations can quickly and economically get a mass text messaging program rolling without a large investment. Our customers tell us that the benefits of using text messaging communications service far outweigh the cost, and even saves them money in the long run. We all know how time-consuming and costly it can be to send emails that don’t get acknowledged, but with text messaging, you’re almost guaranteed that your message will be read, ensuring a return on your investment.

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