BronxRhymes Interactive Hip Hop History powered by TextMarks

Hip Hop was born in the South Bronx.  BronxRhymes uncovers the history of Hip Hop in the borough by tagging historically important locations with rhymes. These rhymes illuminate the significance of the locations, and issue a rhyming challenge.

Posters appear at each location and invite viewers to respond with their own rhymes via text message. The BronxRhymes website is an evolving archive of the collected rhymes, a reflection of the community, and a way to reinsert the hip hop past into present-day South Bronx.

TextMarks was proud to provide the text-messaging support this mixed media art and public awareness campaign and congratulates Masha Ioveva and Claudia Bernett of interactive marketing agency R/GA for their vision and execution, Turbulence for the grant for the project, and everybody else involved.

For more information:

Bronx Rhymes Flickr Stream

MediaShift Spotlight (PBS)

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