New keyword separators: * and – and ,

Up until now, if you wanted to make an SMS request with parameters, you had to put a SPACE after your keyword, like:

myweather 94117

TextMarks now supports three additional characters you may use to separate your keyword from your parameters: * – ,

The above example could be requested with any of the following:

myweather, 94117 

What this lets you do is build a single keyword, but promote it as if it were lots of different ones.  As a final example, say you built a “COMPSCI” keyword that returns information about specific classes.  You might promote it as follows, making each class appear to have its own keyword:

“Text COMPSCI-114 to 41411 for info on CS114: Algorithms”
“Text COMPSCI-175 to 41411 for info on CS175: Graphics”

… etc., each of which would pass “114” or “175” or anything else to the single “COMPSCI” TextMark.

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