Your February Promotional Mini-Calendar

Valentine dayIf your marketing strategy relies on timely or topical information, you know how important it is to stay ahead of the calendar. And now a week into February, hopefully you’ve already thought about the fun events, factoids, and other February notes that will get you ready for the next month of business!

If you’re looking for new promotional ideas or would just like some tidbits to talk about with your customers, here are a few good starting points:

National Wear Red Day (February 7) – Occurring the first Friday of February, National Wear Red Day was designed to raise awareness of heart disease, especially in women. So if you or your business has a  connection to heart disease (or if you just want to do your part), consider a special red color scheme for that day. If your staff wears uniforms, switch things up to anything red. If you send a periodic newsletter or E-mail blast, consider a heavily red design. It’s always fun to play around with new looks and you may find something to keep from the entire year.

National Bird Feeding Month – If your business caters to animal lovers, February is the month to celebrate our feathered friends. Offer specials and promotions on bird supplies or hold a fundraiser for your favorite bird conservancy or rescue. In the world of pet and animal advocacy, it’s easy to overlook birds. So make up for it this February by observing all breeds and kinds.

National Cherry Pie Day (February 20) – There are dozens of different food products that have a month or day dedicated to them. We picked National Cherry Pie Day because who doesn’t appreciate cherries and/or pie? If you own a restaurant, February presents a perfect opportunity to experiment with cherry pie based recipes. This day isn’t just for bakeries either. Foodies have a perpetual love affair with incorporating desserts into savory dishes. Do something amazing with cherry pie and you may win yourself a bunch of new customers for life!

2014 Winter Olympics – Nothing boosts friendly national pride like the Olympics. Wave the flag of your country and celebrate your favorite athletes and sports. The Olympics are also a wonderful time for immigrant-owned and otherwise ethnic businesses to get back in touch with their roots and remind customers of the true “melting pot” society that is still the backbone of this country.

While every other business observes shadow-weary rodents or that big football game or that day where everyone loves each other, you can embrace originality while still staying topical.

Do you have any special occasions, anniversaries, or observances that are important to your business this February? We’d love to know how you plan to make our shortest month the most memorable.

Eric Duncan

Eric Duncan writes about Marketing for TextMarks--The industry leading SMS Marking & Communications platform.

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