New Mobile Marketing Tourism Program Takes Intimidation out of New York

With close to 50 million people visiting every year, New York City has become synonymous with tourism. And one mobile media company has found a way to use opt-in group SMS to make the experience easier and more fun for visitors and sightseers.

Time Square Tourist

CTM Media Group’s “City in the Pocket” SMS program is designed to, among other things, send informative content about New York City to tourists directly on their cell phones. The information can include anything from fun facts, news reports, and even deals on products and services. Tourists simply text NYCALERTS to a five-digit short code to get started.

With this group SMS program, CTM is hoping to connect with their market at the perfect time: when they are actually in the city and most at need for targeted information. Once they have opted into the SMS service, users can then select the frequency with which they would like information and how they would prefer to receive it.

CTM’s suite of other mobile-optimized services rounds out the “City in the Pocket” package and ensures a safe and fun trip to the Big Apple. Though there is no data available regarding the results yet, we are confident that a smart, simplified mobile marketing strategy should be all it takes to develop a subscriber base from around the world.

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Eric Duncan

Eric Duncan writes about Marketing for TextMarks--The industry leading SMS Marking & Communications platform.

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