Consumers embracing eCommerce

The popularity of mobile media continues to surge, with another recent study showing retailers engaging in more creative marketing campaigns and channels like SMS marketing and all manner of consumers embracing the technology as a means to communicate with groups, engage audiences, and shop, shop, shop.

“Mobile usage is at an all-time high: The shift to mobile is on,” according to the latest InMobi Mobile Media Consumption Survey.

Woman on phone in store

InMobi’s study drives home the benefits of directly interacting with customers through mobile platforms and services such as SMS and text message marketing.

Consumers are increasingly comfortable shopping on their smartphones, the study found, with 83 percent of respondents in 14 countries saying they plan to participate in mobile commerce this year—a 15 percent uptick from 2013.

“If leveraged properly it’s a very effective medium, and it’s the only medium that consumers are consistently taking with them everywhere they go,” the report reads.

InMobi shared the following stats:

  • 79 percent of respondents said they were introduced to a new product or service through their mobile device.
  • 70 percent felt the mobile service provided them with better options.
  • 68 percent of the consumers surveyed have purchased digital goods, physical goods, finance, travel or entertainment services with their mobile device.

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