SMS Marketing for Artists, Musicians and Creative Professionals

If you try to earn a living through art, good luck. It’s a wonderful way of life for the creative minds in the world but absolutely brutal to try to form a business around. But SMS marketing is a low-cost, easy way to promote your art and get more fans and customers to learn who you are.

 No matter what kind of art you specialize in, there is an SMS marketing technique that can bolster your business. An industry that demands creative thinking demands creative marketing. Here a few attention-grabbing ideas:

  • Musicians – Touring is the lifeblood of any musician or band, whether they tour around the world or just the various bars and clubs in their city. Take your fans on tour with you by offering a convenient SMS calendar of future shows. If you really want to take SMS marketing to the next level, there are plenty of websites that host short music files. Use one to upload samples of your songs, send links to your SMS group, and give your fans great ringtones so they can take your music on the go.
  • Painters and Photographers – Your fans’ cell phones make a great canvas on which to share your work with friends. Give them a nice treat from time to time with links to your work along with information to buy prints. Companies like specialize in web hosting for visual artists with mobile compatibility. Use this or another service to set up a virtual shop and reach art lovers all around the world! If your niche is graphic design, take a little time to create exclusive smartphone wallpaper to send to your SMS group.
  • Writers – Whether you write for a newspaper, magazine, blog, or just Facebook notes, fans of your work would love to know when a new piece is up. Use text alerts and convenient short links to inform your audience of new online work before it gets buried in newer material. If your material can be read on a mobile device, even better. If you have written a novel or other book, you can use text alerts to inform readers of future book signing and online stores that offer your work for a sales price.
  • Studio Owners – Your gallery or shop might not have the luxury of a regular rotation of inventory. So establish an opt-in SMS group for regular customers to inform them of new items that reach your store. Create different SMS groups for different types of inventory (art, antiques, pottery, sculptures, etc.) to really target your customers and inspire action. It may be expensive and time-prohibitive to set up an entire online store, but making your treasures available via SMS is an excellent alternative.

This only scratches the surface of the different types of artists who can benefit from an SMS marketing campaign. If your particular craft isn’t listed here, fear not. SMS will work for you too. You would not be doing what you’re doing without a mind for innovation. So get started and show the world that artists can market like a Fortune 500 brand.

Eric Duncan

Eric Duncan writes about Marketing for TextMarks--The industry leading SMS Marking & Communications platform.

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