SMS Marketing Saves: How Making The Switch Will Impact Your Bottom Line

dollar-signIt’s easy to think of SMS Marketing as a non-essential bell or whistle, another nice-to-have line item that takes away from your already tight budget. After all, what can SMS Marketing do that traditional marketing methods don’t already do within your budget? The fact is the versatility of SMS Marketing covers several nagging expenses at once.

A modest investment up front could end up paying for itself just by eliminating several small costs that are probably on the back your mind. SMS Marketing won’t eliminate the giant expenses like infrastructure or supplies. But if you can find a way to save a few dollars here and there every month, you know it will turn into a considerable amount by the end of the year. Here’s how:

Kiss Stamps Goodbye. Even at 46 cents a pop, the cost of first-class postage for letters adds up. And the public has grown more and more weary of snail mail, making your postage fees even more of a waste. The fact is there’s very little you can communicate in conventional marketing letters that you can’t state in 160-character text message blasts. And sending coupons is only a simple matter of adding whatever code you want to your messages. No more newspaper publishing fees for you, no more clipping for your customers. Everybody wins.

Instant communication becomes a do-it-yourself job. Your SMS account comes with a user-friendly interface for keeping track of all your members, their phone numbers, and any messages they send you. What used to be a time-consuming costly chore of record keeping and courtesy calls now becomes a simple task of glancing over your electronic record to make sure everything is up to date. It will take a couple of minutes, tops. Free up staff members to do something more valuable for your company and the space taken up by paper supplies for more inventory.

Your advertising budget shrinks. Chances are if you’re a small business the amount of money you spend on advertising is already limited. You want to reach the broadest audience for the least amount of money. So you spend on newspapers ads and radio commercials and mail fliers that all ultimately go ignored. With SMS marketing you not only attract people who are actively looking for your service, but the amount you spend to get that audience will pay for itself much faster than conventional means. Sometimes the secret to more business is just marketing the right way.

The thing all these tips have in common is efficiency. There is no more nagging drain on a company’s budget than inefficiency. It doesn’t take money in large chunks like a failed investment, but rather in a small-but-constant stream. Reorganize the way you communicate with the public through opt-in group SMS and the nickel and dimes you save now can become the thousands you put toward growth in the future.

Eric Duncan

Eric Duncan writes about Marketing for TextMarks--The industry leading SMS Marking & Communications platform.

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