Story Time – Sharing Your Company’s History with Customers

Every company has a story. Some started from humble beginnings to become something great. Others were forged in tough competition and reached massive scale only through the vision and creativity of a charismatic leader. Some beloved brands even got their start in organized crime.

 Your company probably has a compelling story too. And while it might not be the most essential part of your marketing, a company bio is a a good way to add character to your organization and make it more relatable to customers.

Most marketing writing has the goal of professionally introducing and selling products or services to prospective customers. But when it comes to writing a company story, you have more freedom to create a narrative that doesn’t try to sell or promote anything. Your story is just that: a story. Of course, writing a narrative comes with its own set of challenges.

A good story is driven by a character. The character in this case should be your company. Your company’s story will be the account of its growth from a start-up to where it currently stands. Make sure the story mentions its founders and the circumstances surrounding its conception. What problem was your founder trying to solve? Did he/she create or discover something that customers went crazy for? Show us the “A-HA!” moment that created your business.

From there, spend a paragraph discussing your company’s growth. Chances are your founder experienced some setbacks. The best stories involve tales of overcoming unexpected challenges. While you should never make up anecdotes in your company’s story, you should put in the appropriate research to discover every twist and turn in your company’s growth. You and your fans will appreciate it in the end. If the current state of your brand doesn’t resemble anything like its origin, explain what happened to cause that metamorphosis. In movies, this is the second act. In novels, this is the rising action. In your company bio, this is where we learn how your brand became your brand.

Finally, conclude your story with the current state of the company and its vision for the future. Do you plan to franchise? Expand to different states? Different countries? After telling such an interesting story, leave your customers with a peek at the possible sequel.

When a company shares its history with customers, anniversaries and milestones become even more special. Recently Burger King took advantage of its history by running a popular special commemorating the 55th Anniversary of the Whopper®. Fans of the sandwich have appeared in television ads sharing personal memories involving the sandwich and reveling in nostalgia. If your business is reaching a key anniversary, celebrate it in a similar fashion. Encourage customers to share their experiences with the company. If your company still has ties to its original location, do something to honor that community.

A good story is always entertaining. And your story will not only entertain but also engage and build trust with your customers.

Eric Duncan

Eric Duncan writes about Marketing for TextMarks--The industry leading SMS Marking & Communications platform.

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