Texting Improves Criminal Justice Outcomes

In New York City, a recent research study demonstrated that texting improves criminal justice outcomes. 

The conclusion is based on an experiment in which researchers used text messages to remind defendants of their court dates.

Each year, millions of Americans are required to appear in court for low-level offenses. However, many of them do not appear, which researchers hypothesized was the result of simple human error.

Testing With Text Message Reminders

To test their hypothesis, researchers sent text messages that included critical court information for defendants in the week leading up to their court appearance.

These text message reminders were sent in addition to an enhanced criminal summons form that also clearly stated that missing the assigned court date would lead to a warrant.

The results were compelling and statistically significant, as text message reminders reduced failures to appear by 21%. 

Researchers estimated that their behavioral ‘nudges’ helped avoid at least 30,000 arrest warrants from being issued over 3 years. They estimated that their interventions also led to approximately 20,000 cases that were fully dismissed.

Texting To Remind People

The takeaway from this study is that texting is a great way to remind people about anything in any industry. 

Do your employees miss scheduled calls or video meetings? Do they forget to check in on the jobsite?

Want an employee to sign up for open enrollment? Are you looking for feedback on a new company initiative or campaign?

In all these cases and more, send a text message reminder and get them (and you) back on track.

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