Three Ways To Improve Your Small Business Mobile Marketing

Small business owners have a lot on their mind, not the least of which is growing their business by connecting with current and prospective customers. Marketing is a key ingredient to its success, yet is often lower on the priority list compared to the operational challenges small businesses face.  Here are three suggestions that you can put to work right away to increase your reach through improved small business mobile marketing.


Improve Your Website With Responsive Design

Responsive design is a modern website development practice that utilizes adaptive elements to ensure a smoother user experience. Websites that have not been responsively designed are likely to be too small, hard to read, difficult to navigate, and challenging to access on anything other than a desktop or laptop computer. This leaves out all the users who use access the web using smartphones, tablets, and other devices. An adaptive website has many important advantages:

  • Essential menus appear in a size and position appropriate for each accessing device
  • Text copy is clearly legible
  • On-page search functions are easy to use
  • Shopping cart, catalog, and other special features can be easily accessed by every user

Use Text Marketing

Text Marketing, or SMS marketing,  delivers important communications directly to your customers via their smartphone’s text function. Announce flash sales and other time-sensitive savings. These messages can be short bursts of informative text or even links to pictures illustrating your marketing goal. Best of all, a text marketing system is easy to set up and use.

Optimize Your Emails

If you are using email to communicate with customers, you can improve these newsletters by adapting them to be mobile-friendly. Scale down large graphics and complicated layouts; include hyperlinks back to your social media account or website where additional information can be found.


TextMarks specializes in helping small businesses reach new customers. With solutions like SMS marketing, we can deliver powerful growth for your organization. Contact us at 800-696-1393 or email

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