Mobile Media Usage Reaches Over 3 Hours Per Day

How is your business or organization reaching out to prospects and customers on mobile? If mobile is not yet included in your strategy, consider this:  U.S. adults are spending just over 3 hours per day on mobile media, according to Mary Meeker’s latest Internet Trends report. This is up from just under 1 hour per day, five years ago.

Meanwhile, time spent on desktop/laptop has remained relatively flat over the past few years at 2.2 hours, meaning more people are adding mobile to their daily digital diet, rather than simply shifting away from desktop.


mobile media usage 2016 internet trends


It goes without saying that mobile media should be part of your existing marketing strategy.  In fact, you can make your existing marketing initiatives more effective by adding a mobile component to it, using text messaging. Some mobile marketing ideas include:

  • Add a text message call-to-action on your offline campaigns, such as direct mail or radio spots.
  • Send a group text message to your entire employee base after an important email goes out, reminding them to check their email about important deadlines.
  • Offer text coupons to customers who are in-store, encouraging them to purchase at that time.
  • Promote a text VIP list to your social media followers, offering timely specials and deals only to those who opt in to receive SMS.
  • Increase attendance at your events by sending last minute text reminders.

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