4 Ways Party Promoters Can Pack Clubs With Mass Texts

If you’re a Club or Party Promoter, then answer this question.  How well did your last email blast do? It’s all too easy these days for an email to go straight to spam folders, or for people to mindlessly delete them and forget about an event. And on top of that, plenty of people don’t check their email regularly.  Club and party promoters all across the country use SMS, or text messaging, to keep event-goers in the loop and up-to-date with realtime information. Here are 4 ways party promoters are using SMS today:

Nightclub Dance Crowd1. Send out Real-Time Text Alerts about Upcoming Events

A party isn’t a party without party-goers! Use SMS alerts to advertise your events and send out reminders. Because people carry their phones on them at all times, they are much more likely to see and actually read the alerts, whereas emails are easy to skip over. They’ll never forget about an event again! SMS is the quickest and easiest way for party promoters to spread the word about upcoming events.

2. Distribute Text Coupons to Your Text Club

Reward your text club members for their loyalty and watch party numbers skyrocket with deals for drinks, food, and admission. Simply use SMS alerts to send out mobile coupons, which will undoubtedly increase event attendance as well as serve as a reminder for your upcoming parties. The real-time aspect of text guarantees they’ll receive these deals sooner and unlike an email, they won’t be marked as spam.

3. Streamline your RSVP Process for Private Events

One of the biggest pains of throwing private events is relying on the RSVP process. Many times you find yourself in the situation where few people actually RSVP, but they all show up anyway. Do away with this inconvenience by simply having party-goers text in to RSVP. This way, nobody has to be by a computer or send anything in the mail, and you can more accurately plan for your event. Almost everybody has their phone on them at all times, making text to RSVP the quickest and most convenient way to reserve your spot at an event. You can also send out SMS alerts to remind subscribers to RSVP.

4. Keep SMS Subscribers Informed of Last-Minute Changes

Use SMS to instantly inform attendees of any last minute event changes. Things don’t always go completely according to plan, so it’s important to have a way to keep people in the loop when logistics change. Party promoters can send subscribers text alerts regarding venue and timing changes, changes in performance lineup, or any last-minute cancellations. SMS sends information directly into someone’s pocket, unlike email which gets caught in spam filters or experiences lag times. The minute you know of a change, they’ll know the scoop.




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Leah Stone

Leah Stone is a staff writer for TextMarks - The industry leading SMS Communications platform.

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