TextMarks Tips for Restaurant and Bar Owners

Before you start spending your hard earned money in ads, you ought to think about a new way of attracting new customers, and bringing back your existing ones, using the one thing they always have with them – their cell phones. And the new way to communicate with customers is to use SMS/Text Messages.

If your business has not yet begun to use SMS marketing, you are probably giving away quite a bit of business to your competitors who do use it.

Ads in newspapers, magazines and coupon paks like Valpak are not only costly but, for the most part, a waste of money. Email ads rarely work anymore because of the abundance of spam, not to mention spam blockers. Text messages, however, are opened almost 100% of the time, and most of them within the first few minutes! So, if you are not using SMS to promote your business, you are not getting your information (offers, discounts, etc.) in front of your customers.

Offer incentives and discounts for the consumers who opt-in to your business SMS. Promote your SMS program on your social websites, in your business with signs and placards, on your website, etc.

Think about how powerful would it be to send out text incentives to your customers to tell them about your extra discounts and the perks they will get. You could literally drive more traffic to your restaurant business.  Most of our customers are seeing over 400% ROI on their SMS marketing investment.

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