4 Ways To Use Text Messaging On Construction Projects

construction team sending text message

Text messaging is an extremely powerful communications tool that can inform construction teams of site conditions, increase project team efficiency, relay ever-changing schedule information easily, and keep the public informed. Here are some of the ways that text messaging can streamline communication within the construction industry:

Site Closures

Construction delays and occasional closures are bound to happen due to inclement weather, power outages, or even hazardous conditions. With group texting, site managers can inform everyone whose scheduled to work at a particular site of closures and delays immediately. With open rates of 98%, construction team members can learn of these conditions before they leave home, and can provide another level of caution before they venture into a potentially unsafe environment.

Project Team Notifications

Project teams often rely on the delivery of materials and/or the completion of various tasks in order to stay on schedule. If, for example, a cement truck is delayed by an hour or a day, busy project team members may not find out about the delay until they’ve already shifted gears away from other priorities. Group text messaging allows project managers to keep team members informed of delays, and necessary reschedules. Group text functionality also works well for contractors who can communicate with multiple subcontractor teams in the field that may not be aware of delays.


With ever-changing project schedules, the schedules of individual construction team members can vary greatly on a weekly or even daily basis. Automated response SMS functionality allows employees to text a unique keyword to a short code like 72345 to receive an updated schedule each morning. With a centralized location for up-to-date schedule information, employees can easily stay up-to-date on team schedule changes.

Public Awareness

By placing signs around a construction zone that offer text for information capabilities, the public can easily access information on construction in their area. Should residents or passersby need general project information, project timeframes, or contact info for a given site, they get information by texting a keyword to a short code like 81411. An automated message with a pertinent information will be sent automatically to the user who texted for information.

Has your construction team used text messaging in other effective ways? If so, please let us know about them in the comments below!

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