4 Ways Wineries Can Incorporate Text Messaging Into Their Sales And Marketing

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Whether you’re a wine producer who wants to keep in touch with customers, or a wine distributor who needs to correspond with your salesforce, SMS is a great way to keep lines of communication open. Below are just some of the ways that wineries can incorporate text messaging into their marketing and sales process as a way to  reach wine consumers and industry professionals.

Subscription Lists

Wine producers can keep loyal fans informed of new wine release dates, winery events, recently won awards, pre-order information for new vintages, limited time discounts, holiday promotions, general news, and more.

Customers simply need to text a unique keyword like EVOWINES to 37373, and they can sign up for regular informational texts. Whether you’re an established winery in Napa, or a smaller producer in the North Fork, cultivating a dedicated group of loyal customers is key to word-of-mouth sales and building a reputation in your particular wine region.

Quick Information

Wine producers can also utilize text-for-information campaigns to convey information quickly and efficiently to customers. Want to offer customers a quick link to your wine offerings? Have them text something like WINELIST to 72345, and they’ll automatically get a link to your online catalog. Or add a text-for-info call to action on your wine labels so people can receive an automated text reply with link to tasting notes or a coupon.

Want to provide varietal blend information about a new red blend? Prompt your customers to text REDBLEND to 72345, and they can receive an instant text that tells them your red blend is a classic Bordeaux comprised of 70% Cabernet Sauvignon, 15% Cabernet Franc, 15% Merlot.

Vendor Lead Generation

Another way wine producers and distributors could use SMS is to generate leads. Have an ad in an industry magazine, and want to capture leads of people who may want to carry your wine? Get the most out of your ad space with a lead generation campaign.

Interested vendors could text a keyword like SELLWINE to 72345. They’ll instantly receive a prompt to enter their name and email address, so you can follow up, then the texter will receive confirmation that someone will be in touch. This process streamlines the sales process by ensuring that every interested party gets a follow-up immediately.

Sales Team Communication

Whether you are a small wine producer with a few sales reps scattered throughout the country, or a large wine distributor with multiple sales reps in every state, SMS is a great way to keep everyone on the same page. Sales reps can subscribe to receive texts from your central office, which will let you distribute information to all of your reps simultaneously.

SMS subscriber lists such as this allow you to inform sales reps of new awards your wines have won, seasonal promotions, new sales incentives, and product news announcements that may be relevant to your customers! As you know, wine sales reps are always on-the-go, so SMS is the best way to reach them quickly.

These are just a few ways that Wine producers and sellers can utilize SMS to enhance their business. For more suggestions on how you can use SMS for your wine business, or to set up a campaign, reach out to the TextMarks team at 800.696.1393, or email us at tmsales@textmarks.com.

Marc Opsal

Marc Opsal is a Customer Success Manager and Staff Writer for TextMarks. He enjoys hiking, serial dramas, and oxford commas.

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