Bulk SMS Makes Event Planning a Breeze

event planningEvent planning and opt-in group SMS marketing go together like peanut butter and jelly. In fact, event planning might be one of the few areas in which group SMS clearly benefits the business more than the customers. With just the basics, using group SMS should make your organizational tasks easier. But with a little creativity, it could make your event even bigger than expected.

Whether you represent a one-off corporate or non-profit event or plan functions regularly, bulk SMS capabilities are a must. The system is easy to setup and even easier to use. In fact, you could manage your entire event using little more than your smartphone. The only other thing you need: a plan. Here are some ideas.

The obvious advantage of mobile marketing is the ability to organize guest/attendees list. One RSVP keyword (even “RSVP”) and a shortcode are all it takes to compile a clean, organized list of guests who plan to attend your event. Your guests will also appreciate the time they save not needing to make phone calls or mail responses. No more paper lists, no more lost names.

If you want to create a VIP list for an event, the roster of people who have opted into your group in the past would make a logical starting point. Make it one of the “perks” of joining your opt-in SMS campaign. Depending on the event, you can offer rewards or discounts to your VIP list. And if you want more people to join your mobile marketing campaign, make addition to the VIP list contingent upon opting in.

Once you have your SMS guest list compiled, the fun begins. Prepare contests for attendees to hop on your VIP list, create videos previewing what’s in store for guests, “tease” featured speakers or presenters. So long as your messages are sent at an appropriate rate (i.e. once or twice a week), they should serve as fun little reminders hyping the event and hopefully building the buzz necessary for record-shattering attendance.

Remember to text confirmed attendees directions to the event, along with parking tips and hotel checklists, if applicable. As the planner of the event, it’s your job to make sure all the bases are covered so guests can get in their car/plane and make a beeline to the venue. Your attendees will find it an invaluable service, well worth the (for now) unorthodox method of communication.

Over the coming years, mobile marketing will become a major factor in event and tradeshow promotions. From organizing the event beforehand, communicating during, and keeping in touch with guests months after the event, the ways in which planners can use group SMS are only as limited as their imaginations. There’s still time to be among the first to use this handy little slice of digital media for promotions. The only challenge left is figuring out what to do with your extra energy!

Eric Duncan

Eric Duncan writes about Marketing for TextMarks--The industry leading SMS Marking & Communications platform.

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