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SMS marketing is still a relatively new concept for many businesses. And as more people try to wrap their heads around this new strategy, certain misconceptions are bound to occur. It’s the natural result of conventional wisdom meeting limited experience. Nevertheless, it’s important to be aware of these SMS marketing myths lest you waste time and money addressing problems that don’t actually exist. Below are some of the most common myths and misconceptions about SMS marketing.

  1. Text marketing is only for teenagers. We’ve mentioned a few times that SMS skews younger but by no means does that imply adults in their 30s and up never use it. SMS usage among these age groups is increasing daily.
  2. People treat SMS like SPAM. People are actually quite reasonable. They tend to only consider actual SPAM SPAM: unsolicited or annoyingly frequent messages. But if they explicitly opt-in for a group SMS campaign,  it’s safe to assume they will welcome SMS messages from that sender.  Just remember to keep all communications within reason.
  3. Only Big Businesses use bulk SMS. There are countless ways small businesses can use group SMS to boost activity and interest. In fact, SMS marketing may be the great equalizer to put local shops on equal footing with their national competitors. The price of setting up and running an SMS campaign is surprisingly low so no business should feel like it is too small for its benefits.
  4. SMS is cold and impersonal. It’s easy to see how an electronic form of communication fails to provide the personal marketing touch you’re looking for—especially if you represent a church or non-profit that relies on a warm, friendly atmosphere. But when paired with a more “old school” relationship marketing approach, group SMS is a great companion that extends your brand’s warmth even when your doors are closed for the day.
  5. Customers don’t take advantage of SMS marketing. While the onus is on the business to create compelling marketing messages for customers to act on, customers will act on SMS marketing campaigns. After all, that’s why they opted-in in the first place. And because it’s easier to use than a smartphone app, is used only when a message is sent, and is typically targeted to a specific market, it’s quite likely that opt-in text message marketing may be a more popular mobile marketing option than most.

More and more businesses are taking advantage of opt-in bulk SMS, so you can’t afford to spend any more time intimidated by myths and misconceptions. Rest assured that mobile marketing is an effective use of 21st century technology in a highly competitive environment. There is a wealth of knowledge and resources out there to confirm or deny any lingering concerns you have about this medium. Look into them and give yourself the confidence of knowledge.

Eric Duncan

Eric Duncan writes about Marketing for TextMarks--The industry leading SMS Marking & Communications platform.

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