How Churches Can Use Texting to Engage Millenials

Engaging the next generation is a crucial task for churches. 20-somethings have notoriously checked out of church and many never return. So reaching out to Millenials and engaging them in the life of your congregation is texting churches

Facts about Millenials:

  • Largest Generation: Americans born between 1980 and the mid-2000s are the largest generation in the U.S., representing one-third of the total U.S. population in 2013.
  • Wired: Millenials are the first generation to have access to the Internet during their formative years.
  • Losing Faith: Today’s young adults are less religious. The share of young adults who affiliated with a faith in 2014 is 19 points lower than young adults three decades ago (NORC at the University of Chicago).

The Millenials present some unique challenges and opportunities for churches.

Texting can be one way to connect with Millenials. Ask any parent of a Millenial and you’ll hear about a generation that avoids phone calls and email but embraces texting. Why? There can be a lot of reasons, but part of it is that texting is immediate and quick, but also gives them control to respond and interact when they want (and to ignore it when they want to).

So how can churches use texting to engage Millenials?

1. Use Text Messaging

Give Millenials tools to reach out to the church on their own terms. Let them be in control. Texting is a communication channel that really puts the recipient in the driver’s seat. Add a texting service and keyword details to your marketing efforts. This can be a less intimidating way for Millenials to connect.

2. Be Relevant

The secret to connecting with young people isn’t being hip or cool. Any generation can smell fake a mile away. Instead be authentic and relevant. Offer a message that relates to Millenials. Consider creating a text message group just for Millenials where you can send updates that are crafted specifically for them.

3. Texting Bible Texts

Bible reading has gone digital: 70% of Christian Millenials read Scripture on a screen . So churches can engage by offering a daily Scripture verse through text. It’s a service that would appeal to all generations, but it might get extra traction with Millenials.




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Kevin D. Hendricks

Kevin D. Hendricks is an avid reader, a former yo-yo man and a freelance writer living in St. Paul, Minn.

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