How Dallas Police Uses SMS to Better Serve

Do you know what to do if you spot suspicious or criminal behavior in a non-emergency? Every police department in every town has a different phone number to report non-emergency situations, but DART along with TextMarks wants the people of Dallas to remember one simple shortcode: 41411.

The Dallas Area Rapid Transit Police Department has launched a new program where people can use their cell phones to alert the police and spark action more quickly and efficiently. Under the program, anyone with an SMS-capable cell phone can text the keyword “DARTpolice” (without quotes) along with details of the incident to 41411 to send a report. 

textmarksOf course, in all emergency situations, people should continue to call 911 for immediate response. Also, for issues that are not in the DART service area, observers should call the local police department.

By using an SMS short code DART is not only providing a more convenient option for people to report suspicious activity, but also a simpler one. Since the keyword and 5 digit number are posted throughout the DART system, it’s easier than remembering a traditional 10-digit phone number to call the police.  DART can respond to suspicious activity more quickly and the DART service area can feel greater peace of mind, all from SMS technology.

Your text alerts to DART are completely anonymous. You won’t be placed on any mailing list and you will never be contacted for follow-up after the initial alert. This is because the DART SMS service is not a marketing campaign. It is completely free to use (save for any messaging or service fees from your carrier) and available to both residents and visitors to the Dallas area.

To learn more about the DART police alert program, visit their website. There you will find a great video demonstrating the ease of use for real Dallas area residents. SMS alert availability to DART is only a couple of months old, but we are confident this program will be a mainstay for Dallas’ and other police department for years to come.

Eric Duncan

Eric Duncan writes about Marketing for TextMarks--The industry leading SMS Marking & Communications platform.

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