Four Industries That Use Mass Text Messaging

4 Industries That Use Mass Text Messaging

Mass text messaging is useful for any organization looking for a competitive advantage, as it can be used as a tool for marketing or internal communications. Unsure how your organization can benefit from mass text messaging? Here are four industries that use mass text messaging as a marketing and communications channel. 


For non-profits, stakeholder and employee engagement is critical, which underscores the usefulness of mass text messaging. For example, the Red Cross uses mass text messaging to send out blood donation reminders and blood supply updates. They also use texting as a way to provide information about local promotions and general company updates.

Whether to inform people or promote a local event, mass texting is an efficient way to reach the general public with just the press of a button. Nonprofits can also use texting as an effective tool for internal communications, which includes everything from meeting reminders to open enrollment, employee surveys and more.

Text messaging platforms like TextMarks enable you to segment your communications, too, so nonprofits can easily distinguish between donors, staff, and clients to deliver the right message at the right time to the right people.


Travel is one industry that is literally always ‘on the move,’ which heightens the need for nearly instantaneous communications. For instance, SMS messaging is often used to confirm trip statuses for travelers or to alert them of unexpected delays. This is especially valuable, since most people are not online (or by their computers) as they prepare for travel.

Text messaging is used to alert frequent flyers, for instance, about last-minute specials. SMS messaging is also ideal as a way to alert customers about the latest baggage regulations or airport information.  

Are your customers happy with your service(s)? Ask them how you did with a link to a quick customer satisfaction survey through a text message. Text messaging can also be used to gain valuable feedback and insights from customers.


Retail is a natural fit for mass text messaging, with retailers like Bed Bath & Beyond using SMS messaging to provide promotional offers and coupons.

SMS autoresponders can also be set up that automatically provide information back to people looking for information. For instance, people can text a number and request a retail outlet’s hours or location. For people who opt-in to communications from a retailer, automatic SMS replies can guide them through an automated flow to collect their details or nurture them.

SMS messaging is not just for marketing, however, as it can be used as an internal communication tool to organize employee rosters or send delivery information to customers and stakeholders in a supply chain. 


According to one study, no-shows cost the U.S. healthcare system more than $150 billion annually. This is a problem that can be immediately addressed by mass text messaging. 

Aside from appointment reminders, text messaging provides healthcare organizations like Kaiser Permanente with the ability to provide timely updates such as appointment reminders and facility closure notifications.

Text messaging can also enable healthcare clinics to provide quick, automatic text replies to patient requests for information. Other ways healthcare providers can use SMS include how to recruit new hires and follow up with job candidates.

Mass Text Messaging is Efficient and Effective

Text messaging has many uses for organizations of varying size for both marketing and  informational communications. Text messaging is efficient and effective, as it has an open rate of 98% compared to 20% for emails.

If you are looking for a scalable marketing and internal communications solution, text messaging is your best bet.

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