Hiring Seasonal Employees Made Easy

‘Tis the season (almost).  ‘Tis definitely time to start hiring seasonal employees.  This year Target is planning on hiring 130,000 seasonal workers and UPS about 100,000.  Hiring seasonal workers requires a lot of effort: getting the word out that you need seasonal help, interviewing and on-boarding, as well as retaining a database of talent for future needs.

Where to look for seasonal employees

One of the best places to start is to post your job on a seasonal job site. This way you know that you’re already connected with the right demographic. Here are some of our top picks:

Another great way to hire seasonal workers is through a text message program. You can set up a text message program with TextMarks where potential candidates can respond to a call to action like this: “Text HIREME to 72345 and receive a link to our employment application.” You can also use PosterOven to create posters that you can hang at colleges, community centers, or outside your retail store so that you can draw the attention of people passing by.

Interviewing and hiring seasonal employees

Whether you’re hiring 1 or 1,000 seasonal employees, you want start early and onboard quickly to make sure you get the best talent trained well in time for the season. Set clear expectations at the interview, so that the interviewee knows your expectations regarding schedule, job requirements and pay rate. Also, make sure you find people that really fit with the culture of your team. During peak season when volume and stress are at its highest, seasonal employees that align with your company’s values can truly make your customer’s experience.

Building a database for next season

Wouldn’t it be great if you didn’t have to go through all this next year? Treat your seasonal employees well and include them in any events you have planned for your regular employees. Even consider offering a bonus when it’s all over. You can build a database by asking team members who have performed well if they’re interested in returning for future opportunities. Let them know you’re offering loyalty bonuses for those who do!

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