Improve Customer Service Through Text Message Marketing

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Anyone who owns a business knows just how important customer service is. Whether you run a restaurant, a hotel, a retail shop or any other venture where you have direct contact with your consumers, being able to serve them properly and provide a quality experience each and every time is incredibly important if you plan to stay open.

Fortunately, for those who already have a line of communication open with their customer base, or are even looking for some ways to get those lines connected, customer service through text message marketing is an excellent way to start the conversation, and in turn, serve your customers better than you ever have before. According to mobile data tracking firm Infomate, Americans are sending and receiving five times as many texts compared with number of phone calls each day. Younger age groups show an especially strong preference for texting over calling, with 75% of millennials choosing texting if given a choice between only being able to text or call.

Build a Better Connection

Texting is a very personalized method of communication. It’s instantaneous, it’s direct, and it boasts a very consistent response rate. That being said, having such an effective way to reach the people who buy from you offers up an opportunity to build a better connection with them and earn some additional profits in the process.

This particular brand of marketing is becoming more popular as a means of customer service communication, so now is absolutely the time for business owners to start utilizing it. However, it’s important that when using this method of communication to be timely with your responses and professional with the messages you send. You want to have meaningful, but business focused conversations.

Receive Instant Feedback

As you continue to build these better connections with your customers, what you will notice is www how quick and easy it is for you to receive feedback from them. Having access to that kind of feedback is invaluable as it provides you with very detailed information about specific aspects of your business that people are responding well to, or certain aspects that may need a little work.

One thing that many successful text message marketers do is send out surveys to their customers with questions about their last visit or experience with their company. For first-timers, it’s worth noting that this approach is often a numbers game, so it may be a slow start. The good news though is that it requires very little time, and most importantly, money to get responses if you’re sending out texts to enough customers,

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Reward Your Loyal Customers

The best part about text message marketing, or really any other kind of well-thought out marketing strategy is that once the customer base is built, you’re afforded the opportunity to give back to those who supported you. One of the best ways to do so is by offering mobile coupons and other discounts and deals exclusively available via text.

At the end of the day, rewards give you a chance to show your appreciation for your customers, and also encourage them to maintain their relationship with you and your company. And with marketing strategies such as this one, what you can guarantee is not only a better relationship with consumers, but also an ever growing base of people who want to buy what you’re selling.


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