Text Message Marketing Can Help Law Firms Generate New Business

Is your law firm using text message marketing to generate new business?

Legal marketers today face a rapidly changing market where clients now have access to resources outside of traditional law firms. Technological advances have made access to legal information and services easier to obtain, without needing to hire a lawyer. The legal industry has changed to one where clients are demanding more from law firms.

In order to compete, law firms are looking for opportunities to get in front of potential clients and provide more value to existing ones. Text message marketing can help law firms connect with customers, build their brand, generate new leads and increase efficiency. Here are ways legal marketers can start using text:

Add a Text CTA to your Traditional Marketing Channels

Whether you are sponsoring a community event or creating podcasts as part of your content marketing strategy, don’t forget your call-to-action. Potential clients most likely have their mobile phones with them, so make it easy for them to get information. For example, at the end of your podcast, ask listeners to text an easy-to-remember keyword to 37373 to learn more about your firm. Whenever someone texts in, lead information is collected for your marketing team.

Distribute Your Content Using Text Message Marketing

Want a quick way to distribute your “Guide to Workers Compensation” at an event? Create a text-for-info campaign so that potential clients can text in and get an auto-response with link to your guide. Or create a short video about your firm’s capabilities and make it accessible by text message.

Send Staff Notifications

Send text message notifications to your in-house staff or to your virtual staff working remotely. Let them know if the office will be closed for the holiday or keep them up to date with news of new business. Strengthen your brand through improved internal communication and make sure your staff is all on the same page.

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Send Text Message Marketing Messages To Opted-In Prospects

Non-confidential information such as appointment reminders or marketing messages can be shared through text with clients who opt-in to receive messages. For example, if your firm deals with wills and trusts, you could send out a reminder text to potential clients who subscribed to your list about estate planning. Reminders like these go a long way in keeping your law office top of mind.

TextMarks partners with law firms and other professional service providers to develop and implement innovative marketing strategies using text message marketing. Contact us today at 800-696-1393 or email tmsales@textmarks.com to speak with a member of our team.

Melani Deyto

TextMarks is a simple and reliable SMS text messaging service that allows you to build your business or engage your community through group text communications, SMS auto-responders and mobile marketing solutions. Melani Deyto is a staff writer for TextMarks.

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