Restaurant Text Message Marketing: 3 Ways SMS Can Grow Your Business

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In the restaurant business good food and excellent service are key, but without customers even the best restaurants will lose money. Text messaging is a great way to inspire repeat business, and get new customers in the door. Here are 3 ways that text message marketing can help your restaurant business grow.

New Customer Deals 

You can set up a one-time coupon for any new customers who may see your advertisement. Simply have anyone who sees the advertisement text your keyword to 37373, and they’ll not only sign up for future offers and deals, but can also receive a one-time coupon for their next visit! Don’t worry about people taking advantage of your great deal, the TextMarks text platform ensures that a phone number will only receive the one-time offer once (even if a customer unsubscribes and re-subscribes).

Restaurant Rewards Programs

For regular customers, you can set up a rewards program where you occasionally send out specials and event announcements. Ohio-based Pizza Tower, for example, uses text message marketing to build and engage a repeat customer base for its pizza restaurant.These can range from free appetizer coupons, to holiday events with unique menu items. Fans of your restaurant will appreciate the offers, which will encourage them to patron your establishment and keep you in the front of their minds.

Down-Time Offers

A great way to encourage business during off-peak hours is to offer promotional items or deals during those times. With a text subscriber list, you can easily blast out a Buy 1 get the 2nd half-off deal, or a similar offer to inspire business during your slowest times. Sometimes people just need a little coaxing to get through the door and just need a little nudge to push them to your business. Who knows, your text might be the different between your customers heating up leftovers and driving to your place!

These are just 3 ways restaurant text messaging marketing could help your business grow. At TextMarks, we work with many text customers and have lots of experience helping restaurants see positive returns on investment with their text campaigns. If you have questions, or want to discuss how text messaging can benefit your restaurant, give us a call at 800.969.1393 or shoot us an email at

Photo: Franklin Heijnen on flickr CC BY-SA 2.0

Marc Opsal

Marc Opsal is a Customer Success Manager and Staff Writer for TextMarks. He enjoys hiking, serial dramas, and oxford commas.

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