Retail Text Message Marketing Helps Increase Sales for LuLaRoe Consultant

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LuLaRoe is a direct sales company that offers comfortable women’s clothing and is on its way to hitting $1 billion in sales this year. The colorful brand of clothes is sold via a multi-level marketing model, with over 50,000 fashion consultants (and growing!) currently selling and building their own networks. Consultants organize pop-up parties through Facebook and other social media sites as well as sell in-home. Fashion consultant Jen Vozka has also added retail text message marketing to the mix to drive sales on her Facebook page: LuLaRoe VIP Shopping with Jen Vozka.

Direct Sales Across Different Time Zones

When Jen Vozka started her LuLaRoe business in April 2016, she just had her 4th child and was already running her own real estate office franchise in Wisconsin. She was hesitant about launching a direct sales business as well, partially because of the stigma attached to m
ulti-level marketing and also because of she was already a busy mom and small business owner.
lularoe vozka vamiliyWithin a few short months, however, Vozka started selling LuLaRoe’s colorful line of shirts, leggings and dresses through her Facebook page as well as out of her home and traveling to do in-home parties.  “People began to ask about the brand, they wanted to host parties, then they would earn free clothes that they LOVED! This started a wildfire of women joining my page which has now over 11,000 members and then people started joining my team,which is now up to 25 amazing women.”

“The issue I came across was the timezone difference between me and everyone else. I typically have my online pop-ups at 8pm CT. People don’t like time zones, heck I can hardly remember myself! So once I noticed this was a bigger issue than I thought and when people were asking me for reminders, I knew I had to figure out something.”

Retail Text Message Marketing For Sale Reminders

“I sign up for text marketing alerts from other stores like Kohl’s and thought, why don’t I do that?”

Vozka was able to set up the same type of text marketing program used by big department stores. She signed up for an account with TextMarks and quickly set up the keyword LULAROEJEN. She then started to promote her keyword on her Facebook page asking her group members to text the word LULAROEJEN to 37373 to receive text reminders about upcoming pop-up sales. “Sometimes I show sneak peeks on my Facebook page and then ask them to subscribe to my text group to get the reminder. I also schedule the texts to go out 10 minutes before the sale, since I’m usually so busy uploading photos and getting ready at that time.”

Increased Sales and Happy Customers

Vozka now has about 350 subscribers in her text group that have opted in to receive reminders. “I’ve definitely seen an increase in sales. Once, I forgot to schedule the alert and wondered why I wasn’t getting as many people buying. When I logged on and sent the alert, I saw an immediate increase in the number of sales. Plus, I get a lot of positive feedback from my customers and I get less people telling me they missed the sale because they forgot.”

“My customers like receiving the text reminders. I like that I can promote my personal brand with the LULAROEJEN keyword and I like that the number 37373 is simple to remember. The added bonus is TextMarks is so quick and easy to set up – took me 10 minutes.”

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Melani Deyto

TextMarks is a simple and reliable SMS text messaging service that allows you to build your business or engage your community through group text communications, SMS auto-responders and mobile marketing solutions. Melani Deyto is a staff writer for TextMarks.

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