SMS for Tax Professionals: How To Use SMS To Ease Tax Day Woes

taxdayThe Christmas trees are gone, the ball has dropped, the champagne has been popped. It is now January and time to move on to our first national chore of the new year: tax season.

Over the next few months, accountants, financial attorneys, and tax preparers will be working overtime to make sure their clients meet all their tax obligations before the deadline. If you’re in the tax industry we know this is your busy time. The good news is that some opt-in group SMS Marketing tricks could make your hectic calendar a little easier to handle.

Tax Law Updates – Every year new local and federal tax laws go on the books. While you are trained to stay abreast of the current tax codes, your clients may not be up to speed. Prepare them for their meeting with you by reminding them of new deductions, expirations, cuts, and hikes. Give your customers the important news on the tax code that they may have missed leading their everyday lives. This will also prevent nasty surprises for them and make your job easier come appointment time.

Tax Tips – Consider these “free samples,” a sign that you know what you’re doing and that you’re thinking about your clients best interests, even when they’re not. Offer up a few “tricks of the trade” that your clients can use to reduce their tax bill in 2014. After all, there is only so much you can do to help them during one or two meetings this year. But a little year-round advice will hopefully save them money in the long run. And it’ll be your business that they thank for it.

Appointment Reminders – Of course, no group SMS service is complete without reminders of appointments, deadlines, and other dates of notes. What used to be the work of secretaries and postcards can now be done instantly in fewer than 160 characters. Making your reminders transferrable to clients’ smart phone calendars is a snap, as most mobile operating systems automatically detect date and time formats.

Post-April Services – Unfortunately, it’s easy for some to see your work as only useful from January to April. Show them that’s not the case by outlining your non-tax related services. Many of your tax season clients are probably lacking in less common (but still necessary) financial planning. Open up the menu of your practice and enjoy the repeat business that will fill up your summer and fall months.

Sadly, group SMS can’t directly lower your clients’ tax bills. But hopefully a little old-school customer service with next-generation technology will streamline your job and make their tax day a little easier. Try a new opt-in group SMS campaign today and see how much you can get done this winter.

Eric Duncan

Eric Duncan writes about Marketing for TextMarks--The industry leading SMS Marking & Communications platform.

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