Text Messaging and The Extinction of a Dinosaur

If you did not already know, the dinosaur is dead, and text messaging is to blame. 

Of course, we are referring to email, which is ineffective compared to text messaging as an internal organizational communication tool.

Emails Are Ignored

According to a report by Hiver, which creates Gmail-based customer support solutions, an average employee receives close to 180 emails daily. 40% of these emails are not opened — and for emails that are opened, the reply rate is just 16%.

If those stats under-inspire you, you are not alone.

Emails Waste Time

How many of us are copied on email chains that have very little to do — if anything — with us?

A cluttered email inbox is not only stressful, it causes undue anxiety, as there is an expectation that we must respond to each and every email in a timely manner. 

To meet this expectation, we must devote time — and aren’t communication tools supposed to save time rather than require us to invest more of it?

Emails Are Not As Effective, But Text Messaging Is 

When it comes down to it, emails are simply not effective as text messaging — and don’t just take our word for it. Contrast the above statistics with the following statistic about text messaging.

90% of all SMS messages are opened within the first 3 minutes.

Here is another statistic about text messaging.

The average American looks at his/her phone more than 150+ times daily.

So what is the takeaway about email and text messaging? We’d love to know. Just don’t email us about it!

If you want to communicate something, think twice about sending off that long email. And if you do send it, don’t hold your breath waiting for a response…Email is not as effective — nor was it ever designed as — a real-time way to ‘talk’ to people compared to text messaging.

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