6 Ways To Use SMS For Internal Communications

e_01939Texting is one of the best ways to communicate in real-time to customers and external clients, but did you know SMS for internal communications is possible as well?  Because most people always have their phones on them, texts are more likely to be read and responded to than an email.  Here are 6 ways companies can utilize SMS internally with their employees and take advantage of this fast and efficient means of communication.

1. Meeting Reminders

There’s so much going on within a company or organization on any given day just to keep it running smoothly. Sometimes things like conference calls and meetings slip through the cracks and are forgotten. You can simply remedy this by sending out alerts to remind employees where to be, and when for meetings. Messages can be sent out to single individuals, or to a group. You can even integrate your calendar with the TextMarks API to send out these reminders automatically! Being busy should never be a bad thing, and with the help of SMS for internal communications, it doesn’t have to be.

2. Closures and Emergencies

Have you ever showed up to work only to find that you missed an email telling you that the office is actually closed that day? Not checking your email in time should never be a reason to miss important information, which is why text messaging is a great way to inform employees in real-time of any workplace closures.

SMS is also the most efficient way to keep your employees in the loop in case of an emergency during the work day. Whether you’re sending your employees real-time updates and instructions after an earthquake strikes, or you simply want to remind your employees that they do, in fact, get Memorial Day off, SMS for internal communications can keep everyone safer and more informed in the workplace.

3. Surveys

Employers and employees alike are always striving to make their company a better place to be, and it’s this type of cooperation that leads to real improvement. Employee satisfaction/suggestion surveys can be easily administered via SMS, by simply having your employees text in to receive a link to the survey. It’s never been easier!

4.  Recruitment

When it comes to recruitment, many companies love to hire internally, because they already know and trust their employees. Why go through the time and cost of hiring outside the company, when you could promote internal postings to existing employees? SMS provides easy access for employees to available positions within the company. Instead of sending out constant emails to your employees, all they have to do is text in to receive a link to up-to-date available jobs.

Outside recruitment can benefit from SMS as well. Promoting your company through print ads, billboards or job fairs? Just have prospective candidates text a memorable keyword to an easy-to-remember short code like 81411 and automatically send back job listings. You can collect leads as well so you can follow up with promising candidates.

5. Planning via polling

Can’t decide whether to have your company Christmas party on Friday night or Saturday night? Take it to the people! TextMarks makes it easy to send out company-wide alerts prompting employees to reply and vote between given choices. These choices are then captured and can be accessed in your TextMarks message reports, or you can even set it up to send the answers to your email address for easy tallying. The versatility of SMS gives you a quick and simple way to do internal polling.

6. Communicating to offsite employees

Let’s say you have a sales team always on the road, or a fleet of drivers spread across the city — what’s the best way to reach them? Text message. If you want to get their attention immediately and you don’t want to call down phone trees or hope they’ll check email, SMS for internal communications is the solution for communicating to offsite employees.

Interested in learning more about using SMS text messaging for internal communications? Contact us at 800-696-1393 or email tmsales@textmarks.com.

Leah Stone

Leah Stone is a staff writer for TextMarks - The industry leading SMS Communications platform.

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