Tips for Planning Your Mobile Marketing Strategy for 2018

Each year brings a new set of challenges to marketers. Technology advancements, innovative ideas, changes in consumer behavior, and other obstacles affect how you plan and carry out your marketing strategy. As you prepare for the new year and craft your mobile marketing strategy, here are five things you should keep in mind.

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Text Message Marketing

Text message marketing is a fast and simple way for businesses to reach and engage with their audience.  Need a way to provide relevant information quickly and easily to mobile users? Have them text a SMS keyword to a short code like 37373 and get a text autoreply with link to your website, Facebook page, product page or promotional site. Or build a mobile database of subscribers to your text marketing list and send out mass text messages with mobile coupons or sales alerts. 98% of text message recipients read their text messages, often within the first 3 minutes!


Video is dominating the mobile world. Forty-eight percent of millennials view video exclusively on their mobile device and 45% of people watch more than an hour worth of videos on Facebook and YouTube in a week. Video is an excellent way to present and display content. It drives engagement on social channels and is easy to share with hundreds of individuals in a matter of seconds. Carefully crafted and scripted videos aren’t the only ways to promote and increase brand awareness either. Live-streaming on social media is an increasingly easy, fast, and fun way to reach audiences.

Separate Desktop and Mobile Plans

Consumer behavior varies significantly between mobile and desktop users. You are more likely to receive responses and experience social engagement when on a mobile platform than a desktop. As you create your marketing strategy for the upcoming year, have goals and expectations for each platform. Don’t have one large goal as you’ll get drastically different results from each type of user.

High-Quality Content is Still Essential

Most individuals spend ample time on their mobile devices each day. In fact, a study shows that U.S. consumers spend approximately five hours each day browsing on their mobile devices. Ninety-two percent of that time is spent using a variety of apps such as Facebook and entertainment apps, while the remaining 8% of users are browsing content on a web browser. This means you need to enhance your SEO and make yourself easily accessible online. Improve your SEO and your online reputation by creating content that is useful, engaging, viral, and credible. When you produce quality content, individuals share it, you become a trustworthy source, and you increase your brand awareness.

Experiment with Various Social Media Platforms

Social media is crucial for any company. And while Facebook is a leading social media network, it may not be ideal for your specific company. Some networks are limited and focus on a certain audience and demographics. Experiment with varying social media platforms and don’t spend all your time targeting Facebook users. It is expected by 2020, native advertising will account for 63.2% of mobile ads. Now is the time to familiarize yourself with the different channels and discover what will work for your own company and bring the most success.

In addition, focus on other mobile marketing techniques such as out-of-house advertising and location-based advertising. This not only gives you a chance to promote your brand, it allows you to reach a broader audience and grow in new areas.

This upcoming year is the time to go mobile and branch out. Truly focus on your content, your brand awareness, and your online reputation. Be willing to experiment and branch out, because despite being able to reach consumers immediately, there will be much competition.

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