Improving Response Rates by Leveraging Out-of-Home Advertising and Mobile

When you think of out-of-home advertising, also known as OOH advertising, your first thoughts are often billboards and posters. This type of advertising targets its audience while they are on the go. It is ideal because in today’s world, people are often in a rush and moving from one task to another. It also allows you to reach larger, more general audiences than a specific niche.

Approximately 77% of U.S. consumers own a smartphone, and 92% of 18 to 29 year olds own and use a mobile device. This allows for massive mobile marketing opportunities. When you combine mobile with Out-of-home advertising and mobile, you create a solid partnership that can be beneficial for both the consumer and the marketer.

Text Messaging

One of the benefits of the mobile world is there are numerous opportunities to connect with consumers, promote your brand, and market your company using cellular devices. Utilizing text messaging is an inexpensive and simple way to encourage mobile engagement. In fact, every minute in 2017, 15,220,700 text messages are sent. You can use text messaging to improve response rates by promoting a number on your marketing content that consumers text for discount and promotional codes, giveaways, or to receive information regarding a specific product or event. Text messaging is fast, immediate, and popular. It requires very little effort from the consumer and allows you to reach out directly.

time square 41411 - example of out-of-home advertising and mobile

Example of Text-for-Info campaign in Time Square

QR Codes

QR codes are another simple and fast mobile medium. By scanning a QR code, individuals can access or send data. QR codes located on marketing content such as billboards, posters, and flyers are an excellent way for marketers to collect data and for consumers to receive information. There are several creative ways QR codes are being incorporated into billboards and posters. However, despite these innovative ideas, if you want to improve your response rates and really reach out to individuals, you need to give them a reason to scan the code. Offer prizes and rewards for random scans or offer them a unique video or other content that peaks their curiosity. Still, if your audience is not used to using scanners on their phone or not familiar with QR codes, SMS may be a better option.


Integrating social media into OOH campaigns is becoming increasingly common. By utilizing social media the right way, you can increase the response rate in your own OOH campaign. One example of this is by engaging others using their locations. Using social media to check-in to certain stores, or incentivizing them to capture videos or images of them in certain locations can increase awareness to that specific location. It can quickly capture an audience, get people talking, bring in traffic, and drive up your response rate.

Furthermore, utilize your OOH campaign to promote your social media channels. Promote your social media on billboards and posters to encourage social engagement. Offer discounts to followers and free items to random, active followers each month. Promote these incentives and really encourage sharing, commenting and posting on your social media channels. The more others are involved on your channels, the better.

You can launch an Out-of-Home advertising and mobile campaign that is customized and ideal for your specific business, events, and products. By utilizing mobile technology, you are able to reach consumers quickly, provide information to them in a matter of minutes, and promote your brand and business without any extra effort.


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