Vegas Baby: Gaming Institution Proves Relationship Between SMS and Hospitality

If you want to improve your standing in the hospitality industry, it doesn’t hurt to take some tips from Las Vegas, the city that has turned guest retention into mega business. And one of the most established names in Las Vegas hospitality, MGM Mirage, has used opt-in group SMS marketing to get a leg up on this highly competitive sector.

The Mirage Las Vegas hotel

Guests at select MGM Mirage locations across Las Vegas and Detroit can simply text a keyword to be added to a marketing list that includes a bunch of exciting offers: discounts, show information, contests, alerts, and even trivia quizzes. Since it’s virtually impossible to know everything going on in the world’s Live Entertainment Capital, cell phone users should find the help that MGM Mirage offers very valuable. And with MGM Mirage’s commitment to keeping all the information they send timely and accurate, customers shouldn’t have to worry about useless text message that might force them to opt-out of the campaign.

By empowering the line manager level to maintain each location’s opt-in group SMS account, MGM Mirage can better manage their inventory and make sure every seat and every room is filled. Just a few automated targeted text messages could be all it takes to raise MGM Mirage high above the competition on the Vegas strip.


photo credit: Gregory Moine via fotopedia cc

Eric Duncan

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