How SMS Can Sell Cars in a Flash

Automobiles are one of the “big ticket” purchases that rely on expert and focused salesmanship to sustain business. Despite virtually any product imaginable being available online, car shoppers still prefer the traditional, personal approach of a human salesperson. But with the proper strategy in place, even car dealerships can use SMS to generate car sales.


A Springwood, Austrailia, Mazda dealership held a flash text message promotion where they informed a select list of about 5,500 cell phone users of a two-day sale. All recipients had to do was text back the codeword “MAZDA” to participate in the sale and be eligible for valuable discounts.

In the end, 79 people either texted back the SMS code word or at least called the dealership for more information. And for their efforts the dealership sold 23 cars—a number many sales managers would kill for over a two-day span.

Simplicity of message, dedicated branding, and a ticking clock proved sufficient enough to move close to two dozen new Mazdas in two days. Imagine how much of your product can sell with only a few short opt-in group text messages. Time is of the essence so organize your new SMS marketing promotion right away!


Eric Duncan

Eric Duncan writes about Marketing for TextMarks--The industry leading SMS Marking & Communications platform.

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