How Youth Sports Teams Can Get The Most Out of Text Messaging

youth sports team

Nowadays, it can be tough to get kids out of the house on even the most beautiful of days. There are many digital distractions out there that steal away their attention and prevent them from getting outside and getting some exercise. Fortunately, getting children involved with youth sports teams and its benefits is an excellent way to break this screen culture cycle.

However, keeping up with practice and game schedules, who’s bringing snacks, and all the other aspects of being a part of the youth sports team can be difficult since there are a lot of moving parts involved. Luckily, team coaches and parents can use text messaging to keep activities organized, ensure everyone is in the loop, and guarantee each and every game goes off without a hitch.

Send and Receive Reschedule Notifications

Alerting parents and team players can be a challenge when games and practices get rescheduled or canceled. More often than not, reschedules happen last minute and it can be easy to miss the notification, especially when parents are busy getting kids out the door. But, with text messaging for youth sports, you can avoid the reschedule headache!

Setting up mass text message blasts to reach any and everyone involved with the team is the absolute best way to broadcast important information at a moment’s notice. Since cell phones are so readily available and 98% of text messages are opened and read within minutes, you can assure that people are receiving the message you’re sending and staying up to date on any last minute changes that are made.

Set Up Reminders to Register

One extremely important thing people involved with youth sports programs need to stay up to date on are meeting important registration deadlines. It can be really easy to let these deadlines pass by, especially with how many other things parents must keep track of in their day-to-day life. But, for those with kids on the field, it’s crucial to get them signed up on time.

And text messaging is one tool that parents and coaches can use to send out registration reminders and links to online registration forms as the season ramps up.

Make Sure Everybody Gets Their Snacks

Having the proper gear for game time is really important. But, providing healthy snacks for everyone to chow down on during breaks and halftime is important too! Kids need to keep their energy levels up throughout the game, and the best way to do that is to give them the right fuel. Teams also need an established snack schedule that dictates who’s bringing what every week.

Establishing that schedule and sending reminders is something you can do via text each and every week! Send links to volunteer sign-up forms and schedule text reminders to go out the night before a game. In fact, most aspects of being a part of a youth sports team can be handled through text. It’s a great way to keep everyone in the loop, ensure a successful game, and guarantee kids have everything they need to stay healthy and happy both on and off the field.


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