3 Easy Steps to Driving Sales via SMS

You’ve heard of SMS marketing, but you’re not sure about how to use it to get more business.  Here are 3 ways we’ve seen our customers make more money.

Let’s use an example of a pizza restaurant in Chicago. You get a TextMarks account with the group name CHICAGOPIZZA.

1. Build your list.

If you don’t have a list of customers that you can text, you won’t be able to make any sales.  Ask your customers to text CHICAGOPIZZA to 37373 so they can start receiving your promotions.  You should print it on your receipts (“text CHICAGOPIZZA to 37373 to get deals and special offers!  Free breadsticks if you sign up now!”) and include it in your marketing emails. Don’t forget to mention it in your TV and radio ads, too!  Everyone who texts in will be automatically subscribed.

2. Have a strong offer in your automated welcome message.

Make sure you have a strong offer in your automated welcome message to new subscribers.  For example: “Welcome to Chicago Pizza!  Mention the discount code PIZZASMS next time you come in to get free breadsticks.”  This will provide a strong incentive for people to sign up, and you’ll be able to test effectiveness based on the number of coupon redemptions you get.

3. Send timely offers.

Timing is key. SMS is instantly read by 97% of recipients, so the most effective way to use it to drive sales is to send a message when your customers are already thinking of making a purchase. For instance, on Sunday afternoon before the football game send an alert that says: “Call 312-555-1212 now and mention code QUARTERBACK to get a dozen wings w purchase of a large pizza from Chicago Pizza!”

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