Pizza, Texting and a Free Dessert = Recipe for Success

Creative Marketing Ideas to Boost Sluggish Sales with TextMarks

Smart business owners know that in order to run a successful business you have to watch your customers.  That’s exactly what the owner of Pizza Tower did.   What he noticed is that customers get bored while they are waiting on their food.  The problem is simple common sense, the solution is a bit trickier – but Pizza Tower found the key and increased their monthly sales by $2,000.

After noticing that most of the customers started reading the dessert menu and the table topper advertisements, he came up with the idea to combine the two by offering a free dessert on the table topper for customers who texted to his TextMarks group.  When they texted in for the first time, the response was a coupon that they could redeem right away.  The ingenious part of this marketing strategy was building a list of Pizza Tower’s best customers at the same time, with minimal effort.

Very few businesses realize the potential right now in text marketing, but Pizza Tower didn’t just want to email customers messages that would end up in spam folders.  So they looked into the SMS marketing services of TextMarks and found a perfect and easy to use solution by offering customers a free dessert for subscribing to their SMS service while they wait.

The setup for Pizza Tower was as easy as eating dessert, maybe easier.

  1. Register with TextMarks
  2. Select an appropriate group name (ie. Pizza)
  3. Create the table topper advertising an instant free dessert just for texting the keyword PIZZA to 41411 (the Textmarks SMS “shortcode”).

The bottom line is that if you sit in any restaurant, in any city, state or country – there is 99.9% chance that you will see somebody texting or using their cell phone while waiting to be served.  This is exactly the type of consumer trend that business owners need to start paying attention to in order to increase sales in a tough economy.

Table toppers are just one idea of how to build your business’s VIP customer list, some other ideas to build your subscriber list by promoting your SMS group include:

  • Adding it to Print and TV Ads
  • Including it in Newsletters
  • Customizing Printed Receipts
  • Promoting on Social Media and Networking Sites (such as Twitter and Facebook)

By using this easy and low-cost SMS service, you will be able to notify all of the important people in your circle of influence about every event, special and promotion in less than a minute.

THAT is smart and economic marketing at it’s best!

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