Use SMS to Test Marketing Effectiveness

Did you know that you can use SMS to measure the effeciveness of your other marketing channels?  It’s easy.  Here’s how:

Let’s say you want to compare your print with your radio campaign.  You can do this using two TextMarks groups.  Just sign up for two words, let’s say BUSINESS1 and BUISNESS2.  In your print ads, you promote “Get special offers – Text BUSINESS1 to 37373”.  In your radio spot, you promote the BUSINESS2 group in a similar manner.

As the campaigns run, you can measure the number of users who join BUSINESS1 vs. BUSINESS2, and use that as a measure of how effective one is compared to the other.  If you want to then communicate with these people, you can easily send the same message to both lists.  Alternatively, you can further test the quality of the people each channel brings by sending the same offer with different offer codes to the various SMS lists.

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