4 Ways to Collect Employee Feedback and Gauge Employee Satisfaction

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How important is it to collect employee feedback and gauge employee satisfaction?

Many managers and executives are looking for ways to accelerate sales and improve company numbers, but overlook the importance of employee happiness and morale. While you may believe your work environment is an exception, according to a recent report, approximately 85% of employees are not engaged in their work. Gathering honest employee feedback gives managers the opportunity to listen to employees, discover flaws in their workflow and processes, and make employees feel valued and respected — which can all improve employee engagement, productivity, and overall job satisfaction. Here are four ways to collect employee feedback and improve your overall business.

1. Hold Regular Employee Reviews

One-on-one employee reviews may seem time-consuming but they are critical to learning the ins and outs of your company. By spending time at least once a quarter to talk personally with employees, you give workers an opportunity to address their concerns and provide feedback to you directly. It allows employees to ask you questions and to offer their ideas in a less intimidating environment. It can also help you determine if your workers are being challenged or if changes should be considered.

2. Hold Company All-Hands Q&A Session

Question and answer sessions are not just great opportunities for employees to ask for information and receive more details and instruction, it also creates the ideal setting for gathering feedback from employees. There are many tools to streamline these Q&A sessions and make them more productive. For example, employees can text in their questions during the session and moderators can access them in real-time.

3. Conduct Anonymous Surveys for Employee Feedback

For some employees, they are hesitant to provide honest feedback to managers and executives for fear it will affect their job and any future promotions. However, in many situations, the feedback from employees is extremely important as they are the people dealing with the processes, policies, technology, etc. If employees are hesitant to talk, you can send each employee a few questions or comment form that they can fill out and email or text anonymously. Comment and suggestions boxes can also be beneficial for anonymous comments but many employees may feel like comments left in these boxes don’t receive the same attention and follow-through as when sent by other means.

4. Follow-Up with Suggestions

After feedback is given, it is important that managers take the time to follow-up, even if very little change was made. If employees feel like their comments are not heard, they are less likely to offer any additional feedback and they feel less connected to the company. Plus, by following-up, it opens the doorway of communication and employees can offer additional thoughts and ideas regarding each of these changes.

Gathering employee feedback is an important responsibility of a manager, even if it is something they may not want to hear. While there are many methods to collecting this information, it is important that you find various ways that work for your company and gives your employees the opportunity to be heard.


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