Construction Recruitment Strategies to Hire Qualified Workers

construction recruitment for workers

A recent study found that 70% of construction firms are having a difficult time hiring hourly craft workers. Meanwhile, demand for construction continues to remain strong, with total non-residential construction expected to grow 3.9% and residential construction to increase 7.8% in 2018.

The potential result? Construction firms will not able to bid on projects due to worker shortage. Construction projects will be delayed or never start. Firms will also try to figure out ways to make do with less workers, affecting project timelines and budgets.

To address worker shortage in the construction industry, companies must change the way they hire. Here are a few construction recruiting strategies for you to consider:

1. Always Be Hiring

One of the best things you can do is to hire workers throughout the entire year. You may have a busy season when you want to have a full staff for upcoming projects, but this may cause you to be more lax in your hiring process and hire unqualified individuals. Hire year-round. You can be more selective and have more time to choose qualified individuals who have the specific skill set you need and want for your projects and firm.

2. Offer Ample Benefits, Overtime Hours and Incentives

The construction market is competitive and contractors are  struggling to attract qualified workers. In fact, 75% of contractors want to increase headcount in 2018 according to a new report by the Associated General Contractors of America. As you hire and try to retain workers, you need to offer overtime hours,  improved benefits, and incentives like attractive bonuses as well as increased salaries.

3. Add Text Messaging To Your Construction Recruitment Process

There is no question that technology plays an important role in increasing productivity. It is, however, the improvements made in communication that can make a huge difference in recruiting. Not only does technology improve  internal communication on construction projects  but external communication with job candidates as well. Text messaging, for instance,  allows you to quickly reach potential candidates for hire, particularly younger candidates who are used to using text to communicate. Almost all phones are SMS-enabled (no need to have an app to download) and 95% of Americans own a cell phone of some kind.  Plus, text messages don’t sit in a spam folder or get buried in an email inbox.

Drive candidates to your job postings or applications page by promoting a text-for-information call-to-action on your recruitment materials at career fairs or job sites. Or use text messaging to schedule interviews, confirm interview times, provide directions to your site to help speed up the hiring process.

Hiring workers in construction is no easy task.  Be mindful of your recruiting processes, hire year-round, and use technology like text messaging to easily reach and communicate with potential craft and salaried workers. You may find the hiring process becomes just a little bit easier.

Interested in learning more about using text messaging and other recruitment strategies for construction?  Contact TextMarks or call 800-696-1393 to schedule a demo. 

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