5 SMS Campaign Ideas for Black Friday and Beyond

sms campaign ideas black friday

Need help with some SMS campaign ideas for Black Friday, Cyber Monday and the rest of the holiday selling season?

Black Friday is the largest shopping day of the year. Approximately 154 million individuals shopped in stores or online during Thanksgiving weekend in 2016, and these numbers are expected to grow each year. With the right marketing strategy, you can drastically enhance your business this Thanksgiving weekend. Whether you are a big box retailer, an online store,  or a small business, you can quickly and easily get a text message marketing campaign up and running today. Here are five Black Friday campaign ideas to make that happen.

Offer Deep Discounts via Text Messaging

Black Friday is all about the deals and most shoppers are looking for the best discounts and coupons possible. If you currently have an SMS subscriber list, send these customers special discounts that aren’t offered elsewhere. Or, promote your text message list and encourage new customers to sign up to receive deep discounts and deals. By sending discounts via text message, it eliminates the hassle of long promo codes or physical coupons and requires the shopper to simply pull out their phone — a device they generally always have with them.

Promote Instant In-Store Coupons

Want to increase in-store sales or drive more people into your store to take advantage of your sales? Add a “text to receive your coupon” type promotion on special items in store. You can even add a contest to this by randomly selecting a winning phone number from all the numbers that texted in.  Promoting certain items or doorbusters on social media is necessary, but adding text messaging to the mix adds urgency to your campaign and makes it that much more effective.

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Create a Mystery Campaign

Mystery campaigns are quickly gaining popularity for many stores on Black Friday and rightly so. A mystery campaign is when Black Friday shoppers have the option to receive large discounts using scratch it-cards or even by choosing mystery boxes online. Each object they scratch off, or the box they choose, can have a special discounts ranging from 10% to 25% or higher. The opportunity to reap huge discounts will entice shoppers and bring them into your store. However, you’ll want to heavily promote the campaign on social media, text messaging, email, your website, flyers, etc. Or better yet, create a text message mystery campaign and allow shoppers to text and receive a link back their special discount.

Extend Your Sale with Daily Deals

Shoppers aren’t just looking for sales on Black Friday, they are looking for deals the entire weekend. Extend your sale to Cyber Monday and beyond to draw customers in. Create a Daily Deal campaign where you encourage shoppers to text and receive the deal of the day texted back to them. Have shoppers come back to your store each day and get the Daily Deal code so that they can redeem their special offer.

Offer Gift Cards By Text

Gift cards are the most popular item on many Christmas lists. In a survey by the National Retail Federation, 61% of respondents say they want gift cards for the 2017 holidays. Offer ample gift cards in your store for shoppers, but also send links to your gift cards by text message!  If you want to really attract shoppers, offer small gifts, special discounts, or other items along with the purchase of a gift card to really make the sale worth it.


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