7 Ways To Use Text Messaging for Salon and Spa Marketing

use text messaging for salon and spa marketing

Need some salon and spa marketing tips? Consider including text messaging in your marketing plans.

For salons, spas and any service related businesses, repeat business is key to continually driving on-going sales and building a solid customer base. The most important ingredient to achieve this is quite simple – engage, engage, engage.

Most well-versed marketers and small businesses know it’s less expensive and requires less effort to drive business through existing customers than acquiring new customers. That is not to say, attracting new customers isn’t just as important. The bottom line is to ensure that businesses are leveraging the right marketing techniques to drive repeat and new business.

But what’s the ideal way of engaging with customers that’s personalized, immediate and creates loyalty and repeat business?

Engage Salon and Spa Customers With Text Message Marketing

The modern customer is highly mobilized and prefers to access information on the go, especially pro-active notifications of deals and promotions; therefore, the right channel of outreach is crucial in attracting this customer.

SMS marketing or text message marketing, is leading the way in capturing and engaging with customers much more effectively than traditional channels (i.e. print, email).

For salon and spa type of services in particular, customers often impulsively decide to get “pampered” and seek readily available deals; whether from their existing salon/spa or a new one. Offering easily accessible deals is critical in capturing this “walk-in” type of business. Of course, it also motivates others to take advantage of the offer and “bank” it to use in the future.

Text messaging’s value isn’t just restricted to driving business. Salons and Spas are able to cultivate a healthy and prosperous relationship with their customers by taking advantage of value added benefits of text message marketing. Here are 7 ways spas and salons can start using text messaging in their marketing plans:

  1. Inform customers of an upcoming appointment. Not only does this help customers, it also helps the business be more efficient with scheduling (i.e. avoiding no-shows).
  2. Encourages customers to come for a “touchup” (hint: make it personal by mentioning what they got done during their last visit).
  3. Introduce new services or notify customers of flash events (i.e. hosting an expert guest makeup artist).
  4. Notify customers of a change in business contact information, such as a new address or opening of additional locations.
  5. Beat off-peak downtime by promoting time-sensitive deals during the slowest times of the day or week.
  6. Increase average sale value by upselling or offering discounts on specific services.
  7. Encourage customers to bring a friend.

text message example salon and spa marketing

Spas and Salons is Big Business

As noted in a recent article in hospitalitynet,  spa segment growth is slated to grow substantially, estimated to be worth $103.9 billion by 2020. Staying in-tuned with customer shopping trends and deploying SMS Marketing customer contact strategy will aid spas and salons in securing a part of this massive market growth.

Interested in learning more about using text messaging for salon and spa marketing ? Call 800-696-1393 or email tmsales@textmarks.com.


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